Our services encompass a wide range of team-building, training, and entertainment events

We specialize in hosting virtual team-building events for employees

Of our projects involving virtual team-building activities

We've compiled some examples

Hosted a cyber tournament for employees on CS:GO
We held an online sports marathon for employee teams with valuable prizes
We organized the Company's birthday in a hybrid format
We organized a Playgendary's birthday party in the Roblox metaverse

Starting from the onset of the pandemic, we have effectively executed a range of virtual project formats.

Online team building

Companies partnering with “Svyazi” Agency

Companies partnering with "Svyazi" Agency

Fostering engagement and collaboration with employees from diverse companies has consistently ranked high on our agency's agenda. Over the course of six years, we've collaborated closely with HR departments, successfully executing numerous captivating and innovative projects. Naturally, we believe there is more to explore, as we continuously stay attuned to emerging trends and technologies as a virtual team building events host

While we embark on projects in virtual reality, our interactions with clients remain in the real world

The Burning Man Festival branch was launched expressly on the Ariel Metal's birthday! We turned 32 years old this year! Thanks to the team!
Marina Goncharova,
HRD Ariel Metal
The Svyazi team organized several online activities for our company to mark the Company's birthday. The tasks were not easy, but the guys did a great job. We do hope we'll work together again!
Alexandra Koslavskaya,
Playgendary Event Manager
I especially want to mention the professionalism of the guys. Everything was organized so smoothly and awesome that our staff members are still thoroughly impressed!
Natalia Lopatko,
HR Manager at Brixo
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11 reviews