We developed animated video explainers about new services and products of AGC company

Create a series of animated videos about future company services.
Through a story of characters tell about the new services opportunities and experience that they offer to the clients.
Stages of work:
Examine the service
Turnkey creation of 3 videos took 3,5 weeks
Elaborate the concept, write the script
We create characters and a story telling how a new service has facilitated their life.
Approve stylistic concept
We define references, artstyle and color scheme of the video, and develop the characters' design.
Draw storyboard
We create still shots of the key scenes.
Create animation
We animate the scenes drawn at the previous stage in accordance with the timing.
Voice the video
Narrators voice the video in English, Czech and French.
We save the video in high quality and finally check for errors.
We thoroughly interview the client to investigate materials of the future service.
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