If your workforce operates remotely, hosting an online team game proves to be the optimal choice

We arrange top-tier online sports marathons for your employees

For you to entrust your project to us

We have gathered the top 4 cases

Hosted a cyber tournament for employees on CS:GO
We held an online sports marathon for employee teams with valuable prizes
We organized the Company's birthday in a hybrid format
We organized a Playgendary's birthday party in the Roblox metaverse

Starting from the onset of the pandemic, we have effectively executed a range of virtual project formats.

Online sports marathon

Companies partnering with “Svyazi” Agency

Companies partnering with "Svyazi" Agency

For the past four years, we've been orchestrating virtual game events for diverse companies globally, igniting their teams' drive to conquer new athletic milestones. Our seasoned professionals will craft a distinctive sports event to strengthen the bond among the employees and enhance their motivation. We handle the planning, coordination, and ensure top-notch quality for every event. Partnering with us guarantees an unforgettable, exhilarating, and fulfilling online team game experience.

Our mission is to serve as a collaborative partner for clients in addressing any business challenges

Kudos for creating the presentation for the Tinkoff partners! Everything was done well and quickly. I am satisfied with the work and communication with the team!
Alexey Balashov,
Project Manager at Tinkoff
The most creative and professional guys in town for creating super presentations!
Anton Storozhenko,
Managing Partner of Spencer Stuart
Thank you to the team for helping us create such a project. I would like to highlight their work with the content and its further packaging.
Anastasia Vasilieva,
Dostavista manager
18 reviews
11 reviews
11 reviews