Annual report presentation


1. The cinema effect at a business event featuring the year's results. The presentation helped to keep the audience's attention on the speaker's talk
2. One single presentation for 6 speakers
3. 113 animated slides
  1. 4. 2.5 hours of talking time
We created a presentation for
The task
A non-trivial end-of-year presentation is what Qatar Development Bank approached us for. We were tasked with preparing a creative, yet intelligible and relevant annual report. An important requirement from the client was to consolidate the presentations from all departments into one story
To avoid making stereotyped presentations, we used a simple metaphor with good visualisation. The starting point for the concept was the FIFA World Cup, which would be held in Qatar in 2022. The essence of the chosen metaphor was to reduce the amount of text on the slides and convey the necessary information through the visuals
The concept
The result
Based on the client's materials, we made a storyboard - a detailed presentation outline with text and illustrations. The key challenge was the scope of information: how to design 113 slides in such a way that the audience would not die of boredom.

We spiced up the slides with animations in KeyNote. They now looked like a Christopher Nolan movie, except without Matthew McConaughey. Also, the consistent appearance of information shaped the structure of the speakers' presentation
The solution