Created a report presentation with end of year results

Unconventional presentation with end of year results - this is what Qatar bank expected from us. Our task was to prepare a creative, but at the same time understandable and suitable presentation with end of year results.The client stated one important condition: to unite the reports of all departments in one story.
To avoid stereotypical presentation format we used a simple metaphor with good visualization. The starting point for choosing a concept was the FIFA World Cup which takes place in Qatar in 2022. The essence of the chosen metaphor was to reduce the amount of text on slides and to transmit all the necessary information through visual images.
Based on the client's materials we made a storyboard - a detailed presentation plan with text and corresponding illustrations. The main problem was the amount of information: how to present 113 slides so that the audience isn't bored to death.
We livened up the presentation with KeyNote animation. Now they looked like a Christopher Nolan film but without Matthew McConaughey. Also, a consecutive information appearance formed the structure of speakers' presentations.
The result
Cinema effect on a business event with end of year results. Presentation helped to focus the attention of the audience on the speaker's speech.
A unified presentation for 6 speakers
113 animated slides
2,5 hours of speech
Due to NDA we cannot show you all 113 slides, but we tried to choose different slides to show the complexity of the task and the creativity of its execution