Create 2D and 3D animations of any complexity to solve your business problem

We'll develop an animated video

Solving your business tasks, not just drawing a picture
Developed 2D animated video clips for AGC
Created an animated video clip about Dozor service
Developed a 2D video about a new AGC product
We created a 3D video about NordGlass automotive glass
Let's talk about really useful numbers, not just work experience
In 3 days
We'll send you a version of the video concept
In 2 meetings
In 2-4 weeks
We'll agree on the concept of the video
We'll develop and assemble a commercial from scratch
What will our team do?
Immerse yourself in your business and analyze your competitors
We will develop a visual concept and write a script
Will make a storyboard for each scene
We will add a voiceover and finally check the clip
Offer new options for joint projects
We are praised not only by parents, but also by clients from various industries
Thanks to the team of the agency and personally Ilya Zmienko for the excellent work! "Connections" made for us 3 web-strings and a 3D commercial. The quality of performance at a high level!
Ekaterina Romanova,
AGC Client Development Manager
Colleagues, thank you for your skill, professionalism, responsiveness, efficiency and great service! I am immensely happy that we went into this important story with you!
Irina Somova,
Head of Human Resources at Okay
The guys understood the essence of the task well. As a result, we met the deadline and made a cool video that tells in simple words the essence of our complex product and its benefits for clients in 1 minute.
Victor Sokovnin, Head of International Business Development at B2B-Center
18 reviews
18 reviews
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