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We organized a CS:GO tournament with final matches broadcast

Organize a two-day Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cyber tournament for the staff of the Solit Clouds company as well as online broadcast of the matches on YouTube.
Why is cyber tournament a cool idea?
Firstly, cyber tournaments are a form of entertainment for people. With the help of any game mechanics it is easy to relax and distract the employees from the work routine. Besides that, a cyber tournament is a great option for team building and meeting with colleagues from different departments of the company. This is how you can organize original team building with a simple online game.
Event preparation
We finished all the prep work in a week and created from scratch all the necessary elements for a comfortable game.
We created a website where every employee willing to take part in the CS:GO staff tournament could leave a request and fill in the form. With the help of these forms we were able to mix the colleagues from different departments and divide them into teams according to their force: in every team there were professionals, experienced players and novices. This way people were able to meet and get to know each other better.
About the tournament
We posted a detailed instruction for those who play for the first time on the website.

Telegram channel
Especially for the participants we created a Telegram channel with technical support. There we added information about the past and future games. The players also could share their impressions and ask the administrators any questions about the game in the comments.
To improve the tournament awareness among the employees we developed an advertising poster about the event for the participants and translation watchers.
Structure of the event
A few days before the tournament we organized training games for the teams.

During 2 hours of the games members of the teams were able to get to know each other, discuss the strategy of the game and get the feel of the game.

Cyber tournament
Cyber tournament consisted of 2 rounds
On the first day there was an elimination round - 4 hours of the game that defined the finalists. They took part in the next round of the cyber tournament.
On the second day there was the final round to identify the winner of the tournament.On the final match day we organized a translation with 2 commentators.

For the broadcast we prepared animated slots which were used at the beginning and during the translation.
We invited professional commentators for the broadcast. They created the atmosphere for the players and spectators and commented actively on the course of the game.
During the broadcast of the final game our commentators told interesting facts about every player. We had collected this information a few days before the tournament.
A moderator answered spectators' questions in the stream chat and quickly passed the messages to the commentators.
The results
Technical and informative support of the participants before and during the tournament
10 hours of playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Translation duration - 4 hours
24 participants
4 teams
More than 400 stream views
I recommend collaboration with "Svyazi" agency. Online cyber tournament was organized quickly and effectively. My colleagues were really content. What is more, "Svyazi" agency is so well-organized that it is a real pleasure to work with them. Well done, guys, carry on!!!
Kristina Teperikova.
Solit Clouds company HRD