birthday in meta universe ROblox

Step aside from hybrid translations and create own meta universe


Make a staff party in an unusual format — in a mythical world with unicorns


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Have you ever wanted to become a part of a virtual world? To break the fourth wall and get to the other side of your smartphone screen? Or maybe you wanted to see your favourite game with the eyes of a character?


We made it real and offered Playgendary staff to get inside the most popular games of their company.

Unicorns were chosen as the main theme not by a coincidence. They reflect the unique character of the company and all the employees and at the same time they symbolize festivity and magic.

In meta universe Playgendary we offer a wide variety of activities:
Quest from NPC character where you can get points for completing the tasks

Interactive activities based on the company games
Mini-games in the universe locations
Epic final with piñata breaking and fireworks
Become a part of a universe or not is up to you

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have successfully implemented various formats of online projects

For full immersion choose one of the locations
Main PG planet
Main location, where the game starts. The main scene for the final of the game is located on the planet, as well as the exhibition of employees' works, art objects, where you can climb, and a bar with a possibility to join Zoom breakout rooms.
Perfect Cream
Location based on the eponymous game. Build your own castle, draw on special canvas or prevent other players from building theirs.
Design Masters
3D labyrinth
Find s secret location hidden on the main Playgendary planet, where you can meet the founder and answer the main question: "Which pill will you choose?"
Secret location
Location based on the eponymous game. For the game choose a colleague, wait for your turn and become one of the shooters to beat your opponent.
Location based on the eponymous game. Take part in a "sweet" race with your colleagues and get to the finish first. Be careful on turns and dangerous parts of the track.
Get through a fabulous labyrinth, collect coins and observe Playgendary planet from an aerial view.
Specially for Playgendary we designed customized character clothes with company logo and corporate colours. You can choose a merch, change body type, hairstyle and accessories.

NPC characters

In all locations you can meet non-player characters in stylistics of the unicorn universe. All of them can help to complete the quest tasks and not to get lost in the locations.
Founder character
In a secret location you could find the founder of the company room. Having answered the founder's question, you could get a prize.
Game characters

Jump height
Stress resilience
NPC characters



Founder character
Extra games
In the main game location there are several interactive zones. Participation in these games is awarded with extra points.
Save the body
Dance floor
Photo zones
Antipode of the game "Kick the Buddy", where you have to save the Buddy.
Save The Body
How well do you know the company where you work? Give right answers or you will fall into the deep.
Quiz about the company history

Music game, the essence of the which is to get the right timing and rhythm of music by pressing the right buttons with arrows.
Dance floor

Make a photo in a themed photo zone together with your colleagues or alone.
Photo zones
At the appointed hour you can get to the square of the Playgendary main planet.

Listen to the congratulatory speech of the founder, launch bright fireworks and break a huge unicorn piñata with your colleagues.

The end of the game