Organization of a birthday party of the company in a hybrid format


Organize a staff party devoted to the birthday of the company in a hybrid format (online+offline).
Number of employees: 500.
Shooting location: St.Petersburg.
Geography of translation: the whole world.

Main request of the client:
The company turned 5 years old and we had to prepare something special - organize a theme party in the evening show format, sum up the results of 5 years of work and prepare various types of interaction.

It is important that it was the company's first experience of organizing a hybrid event.


To involve the audience we needed a topic that would be familiar and interesting for everyone. We offered several themes: cyberpunk, Italian evening and Back to the future. But the retro theme of the 80-90s aroused the biggest interest.

Structure of event and script

Cyber tournament
One week before the event we held a cyber tournament. We created a website where everyone could follow the results of the matches. For the final game we organized a live translation and invited professional commentators who perfectly did their job and also entertained the audience with funny jokes.

Despite the hybrid format we managed to prepare such a programme that we could fully recreate the atmosphere with the help of music, visual content, the presenter's look, and the general dress-code of the event. We even started retro radio broadcasting. But one thing at a time.

Online radio
To prepare the participants for going back to the past, we started online radio broadcasting on the day of the event, having collected the participants' music preferences, "hellos" and congratulations for the company and the colleagues in advance.

All in all, the broadcasting lasted for 2,5 hours.Around 200 people listened to the broadcasting and left positive reviews.

Hybrid staff party in the evening show format
We chose the evening show format to have more interaction with the participants and link different parts of the show.

The event was divided into two parts: the present and the past. In "the present" we played with the content part: discussed the results of work and the company's plans. Then we moved to "the past" - interactive part of the show: dressed up the presenter in a retro suit, remembered old music, films, ads and games.

We invited a professional presenter, the participant of an improvisational show, who managed to take advantage of even challenging situations with guests during the show.

Hybrid format presupposes the presence of guests in the studio, so we could dynamically switch from online activities to those that were happening in the studio. It helped to hold the attention of the audience better.

The guests in the studio spoke with the presenter and took part in "offline" activities, such as "Well, just you wait!" game, dancing karaoke and cocktail preparation.

For "Well, just you wait!" game we invited the cyber tournament participants so that they showed their skills not only in modern gaming but also in the games from their childhood.

The best dancers of the company battled in dancing karaoke with songs by Valery Leontiev and Oleg Gazmanov, and the presenter did a somersault, but the camera didn't record this moment.

The best dancers of the company battled in dancing karaoke with songs by Valery Leontiev and Oleg Gazmanov, and the presenter did a somersault, but the camera didn't record this moment.
Together with the online audience we had a quizz, challenges with repeating the photo, and chose a hymn in top chart format.

For the top chart we prepared 8 songs with video clips. The participants chose one after three rounds of voting and remembered how they used to watch their favorite video clips on TV.

Information about the photo challenge was placed on the website in advance so that the participants could prepare. The most creative ones made their own looks and sent their photos for voting. At the end of the event the presenter announced the winners and gave them the prizes.


1. The company's website
We developed the design of the website which was later used to decorate a studio. Here it was possible to follow the information updates, know about the rules of the challenge and the number of days left until the event. The radio broadcasting also could be watched on the website.

Visual content
Design department prepared a lot of visual content

2. Video clips about the results of work and the company's employees
Such content was necessary to tell in a convenient format about the events in the company's history and about the value of its employees.

3. Photo materials and on-screen graphics
All the visuals for the interactive activities were made in the website stylistics to create a unified image of the event

4. Cut-ins
To switch from one part of the show to another we inserted short video clips with the names of these parts into the translation.

It formed a unified style of the event and created the atmosphere of a TV show.

Technical solutions

The event was of a hybrid format, one of its parts was offline, so we needed a functional location with an experienced shooting team.

For the event we chose a studio with an experienced shooting team consisting of 20 people. Well-coordinated work of all members of the team helped us to organize the event the way it was thought.

We made a setup as in big TV shows, installed two LED screens on the walls and projected the name of the show onto the screens. We also branded the studio: put the desk for the presenter with the logo of the company and filled the space with corporate toys. It was bright.

The result


types of interaction with the employees: cyber tournament, radio broadcasting, interactive TV show


interactive activities


hours of translation

"Svyazi" agency team organized for our company several online activities devoted to the birthday of the company and not only that (online quest, cyber tournament, online radio, hybrid event - Retro party). The projects were not easy, but guys did well. The collaboration with the team was very comfortable, they understood us and the audience for which it was organized. As a result - great events and satisfied employees. We hope that we will work together more and make our events even better!

Aleksandra Koslavskaya, Playgendary Lead event manager