We combine consulting, creativity and production in different forms

About our expertise

We do projects so that your employees develop and your clients love your brand


We design the whole presentation from creating the content to layout and animating the slides

Make videos

We make videos of any difficulty from creating the concept to editing

We create "turnkey" events that are memorable for both employees and clients

Organize offline and online events

Develop branding

"Turnkey" visual branding for your business

Design animated videos

We create 2d and 3d animation of any difficulty to solve your task

We become its co-entrepreneurs to solve it in an integrated manner

How do we solve the task?

Companies where Svyazi already solve it all

Midtown Rent
Developed branding and marketing materials for a car rental service in Dubai

Our principles

We discuss the idea face to face because without diving into the atmosphere of the project it is impossible to understand the concept of the situation and develop an effective solution.
After a face to face discussion we detail the task, calculate the cost and approve the details with you. After that we sign a contract.
We do the project with your participation and in a dialogue format. This way it is easier to understand each other and to receive in the end what you expect. If meetings are impossible we can always call each other.
We create projects based on our own ideas or develop and design yours. The main criterion of the successfulness of an idea is measurable goals defined at the stage of discussion of the task.

Our cases

What do they say about us?

The most creative and professional guys in the city in what concerns the presentations! Strongly recommended!
Anton Storozhenko,
Spencer Stuart Managing partner
Thanks to the "Svyazi" agency for the collaboration! More than 1500 employees registered for the online course that they developed for the MTC staff. I recommend them!
Asya Marincheva,
MTC Education manager
Dear colleagues, thank you for your skillfulness, professionalism, helpfulness, promptness and cool service! I am incredibly happy that it was you with whom we started this important story!
Irina Somova,
Okey Chief of staff
Everything was really precise both during the preparation process and during the realization. Wonderful team, well-coordinated work, positive and friendly approach! Thank you very much!
Evgeniya Fursova,
PlayRix Producer
Everything was done professionally and at a very high level. Technically there were no failures despite the fact that more than 150 people were on the call simultaneously. Great job!
Vadim Brainis,
Ariel Metal CEO
Thanks to the agency team and to Ilya Zmienko personally for the great job! "Svyazi" made 3 landing pages and a 3D video clip for us. The quality is of the highest level!
Ekaterina Romanova,
AGC Clients development manager
Organized the company's birthday party in a hybrid format
Created a presentation with end of year results for Qatar bank
Made 3 animated video explainers for the company
Created a 3D video clip about car glazing
Organized birthday party in metaverse Roblox
Think of a solution
We examine the context to identify the problem. Then we determine a strategy and a plan of actions considering the risks and what has already been done. If there is a solution, we work it out
Understand how to do it
We choose an instrument for the realization of our idea and promotion channel. Then we create the content. Instruments options are various: a presentation, a video clip, a website. The result is what matters
Realization and implementation
At the production stage we transform the idea into a working instrument. We implement the solution, promote and adapt the final product until we achieve the measurable result
18 reviews
18 reviews