We specialize in creating comprehensive custom templates and corporate presentation standards

Crafting a top-notch custom template for business presentations

Midtown Rent
We developed branding and marketing materials for a car rental service in Dubai
We packaged their brand on a turnkey basis: from corporate identity to a presentation template
We created a presentation for the Tinkoff affiliate program
We developed an annual report presentation for Qatar Development Bank
From IT to the banking sector

We've assisted diverse companies with custom presentation templates:

Companies partnering with “Svyazi” Agency

Companies partnering with "Svyazi" Agency

In 2018, when a prominent IT company began inundating us with repetitive requests for corporate presentation designs, we opted to collaborate on establishing a corporate presentation standard. This involved outlining the logical flow and visually depicting every template slide, alongside crafting a guide for presentation structure. This pivotal moment marked the initiation of our substantial contribution to aiding sizable enterprises in the development of their custom templates.

Opting to invest in a templates design upfront proves advantageous, reducing the time employees spend on designing slides

Kudos for creating the presentation for the Tinkoff partners! Everything was done well and quickly. I am satisfied with the work and communication with the team!
Alexey Balashov,
Project Manager at Tinkoff
The most creative and professional guys in town for creating super presentations!
Anton Storozhenko,
Managing Partner of Spencer Stuart
Thank you to the team for helping us create such a project. I would like to highlight their work with the content and its further packaging.
Anastasia Vasilieva,
Dostavista manager
18 reviews
11 reviews
11 reviews