Tailored presentation design for speakers: encompassing content refinement and slide animation

"Svyazi" crafts memorable pitch decks for an impactful stage presentation

We developed an annual report presentation for Qatar Development Bank
Annual report presentation
We prepared a presentation and a speech for a forum presentation
Spencer Stuart
We prepared a presentation for a talk
Spencer Stuart
We prepared a presentation for a talk
Materials for stage presentations

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Companies partnering with “Svyazi” Agency

Companies partnering with "Svyazi" Agency

Crafting a presentation for a speaker presents a unique challenge, as it involves not just the aesthetics and clarity of the presentation itself, but also the speaker's delivery. Hence, we strive to formulate a presentation and speech concept that captivates the speaker, thereby engaging the audience in their narrative. With 7 years of experience in communication and over 150 public speeches honed, you can entrust us with your public speaking presentation, knowing that we'll deliver a compelling result

Thankfully, it's not only our parents talking about our work; our clients do, too

Kudos for creating the presentation for the Tinkoff partners! Everything was done well and quickly. I am satisfied with the work and communication with the team!
Alexey Balashov,
Project Manager at Tinkoff
The most creative and professional guys in town for creating super presentations!
Anton Storozhenko,
Managing Partner of Spencer Stuart
Thank you to the team for helping us create such a project. I would like to highlight their work with the content and its further packaging.
Anastasia Vasilieva,
Dostavista manager
18 reviews
11 reviews
11 reviews