Spencer Stuart

Prepared a presentation for the speaker

Anton Storozhenko wrote a book "Dao CEO" and 2 months before its publication was going to visit the clients' companies and make a presentation. The task of the agency was to create an unusual presentation of the book, where the author described his personal experience and practical knowledge useful for CEOs.
We developed the concept and the metaphor, added a unified visual style, and wrote the script of the presentation. An interactive PowerPOint presentation was created in 1,5 weeks. During the preparation, we gave some recommendations concerning the format of presentation, which simplified the task of the speaker.
The result: Anton made a presentation 7 times in front of an audience consisting of 15-20 people and successfully launched the sale of his book. We recommend reading it in your free time!
The most creative and professional guys in the city in what concerns the presentations! Strongly recommended!
Anton Storozhenko, Spencer Stuart Managing partner