Preparation of a presentation for a pitch

Spencer Stuart

We developed a presentation for
The Task
Anton Storozhenko leads the Board of Directors evaluation practice and recently conducted a survey of evaluation practices in Russian public companies. Anton presented the results of the research at a meeting of the Corporate Secretaries Club of the National Association of Corporate Secretaries
Based on Anton's materials, we made a storyboard and distributed the information on the slides so as not to overload them.

Together with Anton, we decided that we needed a strict style typical of Spencer Stuart. That's why we chose a combination of contrasting corporate colors and took geometric objects as a basis.

We selected meaningful visualizations, arranged figures and graphs. After that, we animated the slides to bring the data to life, and the information appeared consecutively under Anton's presentation.

In total: the presentation for the pitch session was made in 5 days, and Anton had sufficient time to practice the presentation with the finalized presentation
The Solution