New year online party for Ariel Metal staff

Streaming recording
Online staff party with end of year results, employees of the year awards and a quiz
Location decoration
We transformed a cozy loft into an evening show studio: set a recognizable table and created New Year atmosphere with the help of decorations

Secret Santa

The employees were able to send an anonymous present to their colleagues. To do that they had to fill in the form and wait until the distribution of the participants


Event website

Three weeks before the event we launched a website where we explained all the details of online staff party to the employees and offered them to take part in the New Year activities
Colleagues shared their wishes which were used by designers to decorate a virtual Christmas tree
On the New Year's Eve, 30th December, we started special radio broadcasting with congratulations from colleagues, favorite music and Ariel Metal horoscope for 2022

Virtual Christmas tree



The presenter told about the core company events of the year and had an interview with the company's chief about future plans
In 2021 the company implemented a new personnel evaluation system. 17 employees were awarded with memorable prizes according to the results of this system
Employees of the year awards
Before the quiz which was the main event, employees spoke with the presenter and their colleagues in breakout rooms and played "Repeat the photo" with shots from New Year films
Interaction and communication
Guests had 3 rounds of the game with different levels of difficulty. All questions were devoted to the New Year. At the end of the party 3 employees with maximum number of points were awarded
At the end of the party guests together with the presenter made a cocktail in a live broadcast and took a collective photo
Cocktail and collective photo

Starting from the onset of the pandemic, we have effectively executed a range of virtual project formats.