B2B presentation for a product launch


We developed a presentation for
The Task
Irina Somova came to us with the task of preparing for the presentation to share a new system of conscious service "The first face of the company is you". And after the talk, to adapt the presentation for another audience - the company's staff. Here it was important to explain the need for an open format for discussing the problems of each store and to involve them in the "Mentor Council"
Target audience: line personnel, store managers and conference attendees. Therefore, we realized that it was worth diversifying the content, so that the materials would not lose relevance for each group of listeners.

Together with Irina, we looked at references and chose the style for her presentation. We prepared a concept of several slides and hit the target, because we agreed at first sight. Further on, we prepared slides by stages and in 4 meetings, we reviewed and coordinated the presentation for the talk. After the presentation, we finalized two presentations in 2 meetings.

In total: we made the presentation for the talk in 8 days. For the stores, the presentation was made in another 5 days. There were three presentations: for the event, for the directors and for the line personnel.
The Solution