Organized a birthday party for the company in the best tradition of Sicilian mafia

Task, main request
Organize an offline staff party devoted to a birthday of the company
Number of employees: 70
Location of the event: Moscow

Main request of the client:
To pull the team together after a separation during the pandemic, motivate the employees to work in the office and communicate live with the colleagues.
One of the principles of any decent mafia clan is: "One for all and all for one". After the quarantine we all missed live communication. That is why our task was not only to organize a staff party in a specific style, but also to remind the employees that all of them are part of a big family. The theme of the wild 20s, mafia, sparkling jazz, poker and ring of coins - this is what united the guests throughout the evening.
Structure of event and script
To create the atmosphere of real Cosa Nostra we defined the dress code and prepared thematic photo zones where everyone could feel oneself a member of a criminal organization.

At the entrance an animator looking as a "club bouncer" received the guests and monitored the compliance with the dress code requirements..
Fight between the clans
To immerse fully into the world of mafia, we divided all the guests into 4 teams or clans with the help of card suits.

The aim of each team was to outplay the others, become the leaders and win a prize.
Everything that happened in Palermo stays in Palermo
Can you imagine the mafia without poker chips, banknotes rustling in the top-class casino of the town? Everything was in the best tradition - blackjack, poker, and even hamsters race. To make bets all the guests received envelopes with fake money at the beginning of the party.
We celebrated the 25 year old anniversary of the company with a dinner event which was organized and held by the "Svyazi" agency team. It wasn't just a gala dinner, but the first offline event since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. I want to give thanks to the "Svyazi" team for a well done job. We had a wonderful evening, filled with events. The colleagues actively supported the "Mafia" theme offered by the organizers of the event and came dressed up in costumes from the Al Capone epoch. We were entertained by casino games, numerous funny activities, created in the spirit of mafia clans, which were organized by the presenter - Kirill Lopatkin. The presenter was supported by a cover band and music hall artists throughout the evening. Besides the dinner, the agency offered to prepare an anniversary film about the history and workers of the company. During the shooting process guys from the agency had to examine deeply the life of our company - 25 years is not a short term. And, in general, the event itself and the preparation process went on smoothly, the members of the "Svyazi" agency team are very open, creative and attentive.
Arkadiy Dyadkin, Svyaz Complect Head of Marketing
The lot is sold!
In the middle of the party we organized an unusual interaction in the form of an auction where it was possible to win:
  • 25 year old whiskey of limited edition
  • the right to be the first one to slice the cake
  • gingerbread from Tula (for a snack)
But the competition was not over at this point - the dress code was not only an obligatory condition to enter the party, but also a pass to the best costume contest. All the guests were welcomed to try "Abrau Durso" champagne from a 3 liter bottle and to win a certificate for a photo session.

The heirson of the great Don and at the same time the host of the party was unmatched actor Kirill Lopatkin. He perfectly got into the character and managed to transmit the atmosphere of the 20s in Italy.
To the sound of music
What can be better to sip some refined wine to the sound of favorite melodies? While the guests were enjoying the food and conversations with each other, an invited cover band performed for them.

Bright ending
Burlesque, exciting music, sparkling smiles - this is how we can describe one more surprise: music hall show. And after that all employees had an opportunity to hype as well in the middle of the dance floor.