Made an advertising clip for taxi ordering service in the UAE

The client applied to the agency and asked for help with telling about Hala - dominant taxi order company in Dubai. The aim was to make an advertising video clip about the company and tell about the advantages of the service. This video will be used for distribution in social media, for advertising on the Internet and in other promotion channels.
Firstly, we analyzed similar video clips of the competitors, chose the references, defined the concept and wrote the script, on the basis of which we made a storyboard. We agreed the dates with the client and organized the shooting. We quickly found an actor and filmed all the necessary content in 2 days. We edited the video in 10 working days, added Arabic and English subtitles.

The client got a double advantage: a team of professionals came from Russia and he saved time and money.
Guys, thank you for flying back and forth with "Pobeda" airlines and living in a cheap hotel, it helped us to cut the costs of the project. I recommend them!
The client decided to stay anonymous