B2B presentation for a product launch


We developed a presentation for
The Task
We were approached by a company's project director to help us develop a B2B presentation from ground up. The goal was to bring online store managers to a meeting to connect them to the Dostavista express delivery system
We realized that the main task was to write a script in which we would take into account potential objections of the audience and reveal the advantages with the help of clear arguments and research into consumer behavior.

Together with the client, we decided that it would be best to use a presentation in a static pdf format, which is a familiar and understandable format for mailing.

The client asked for the style to be oriented on the general style of the brand and the Dostavista website. That's why we used a key illustration from the website and supported it with the same ones in a similar isometric style. We added color accents and literally highlighted the elements to add more digitality to the presentation
The Solution