32nd anniversary of Ariel Metal in Burning Man stylistics



Offline staff party in an absolutely new for this company style, which will symbolize returning to office format of work after the quarantine

Hold a festival of freedom and creativity in Burning Man stylistics. Real November rave, diving into the atmosphere of Nevada utopia at the hottest location


After a prolonged quarantine employees of the company were burnt out and needed a reboot. That is why we formulated the task as follows - at the festival there should be no spectators, only active participants. Considering the philosophy of Burning Man festival, we decided to create the conditions that would permit every guest to leave the festival thinking "I made this world better"


To surround the guests with the atmosphere of steam punk and post apocalypse we came to the headquarters of «Night wolves», bikers organization

A lot of, no, plenty of fire, metal art objects, moving decorations - this location was ideal for our concept


Mystic characters

Actors dressed as mystic characters performed breathtaking shows and during the breaks blended into the crowd: interacted with the guests and posed for atmospheric photos

Fiery MotoFreestyle

The best moto freestylers of the country did somersaults and other extreme tricks, jumping from burning trampoline which was set in the center of the location

"Gradusi" band

Pop/rock band "Gradusi" from Stavropol was the headliner of the festival. Besides that, guests welcomed a cover band which performed dancy music and prevented those from outside from freezing, as well as a DJ set that ended the party

Burning man

The main event of the party was the triumphant burning of the 4 meter man figure, which was assembled by the guests. To make it even more spectacular, a real firedrake decoration was flown

Interactive zones

Picture made of rubbish

Coins mintage

Arbalest shooting zone

Making burner's costume

Charity «bravery box»

Assembling of the Burning man statue

To involve the participants into the creation process we organized thematic activities.

The participants got marks in their bingo cards and won prizes

Client's feedback

«Last Friday's atmosphere! Burning man festival's branch office was opened specially for Ariel Metal anniversary! This year we turned 32 and it means that we are at the peak of our life and thus ready for insane achievements!»

« QR-codes, masks, vaccination, lockdown, remote work…doubts, uncertainty… It's time to admit - the world will never be the same. Old rules are no longer effective. And it means…that we can establish new ones, our own!

And we are at the brightest party of the year: Burning man! Thanks to everyone who was with us and filled this day with their emotions and adrenaline! Who literally lit the Mnevniki region, guys - you are the best!!!»

Interesting fact

The costume that was on the presenter was used during original Burning man in Nevada in 2018


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