A corporate online event for employees

Ariel Metal

We held an online corporate event for
The task
Vadim Braynis, CEO of Ariel Metal, approached us with a request to hold an online event for 150 people to celebrate the company's birthday. Our main task was to engage the employees in the celebration and integrate the speakers in the event
We developed an event concept based on the importance of each element of the company. This created a metaphor for the life of the company as a living organism. This was reflected in the speakers' presentations of the departments as parts of the living organism. In addition, we enhanced the concept with visual materials: video clips, speakers' headlines and presentation design.

We developed the concept in 3 stages:
1. We wrote a scenario that involved every employee in the content creation process.
2. We prepared the text of the speech and presentation for each speaker.
3. We had over 20 meetings with the client to agree on each stage of preparation.

How we implemented everything technically:
1. We used the Zoom platform so that every participant would be able to participate in the event and be in touch with the host and the speakers.
2. We arranged a studio with specialised equipment to record the speakers' presentations.
3. We produced 6 intro videos, a video about the company's history and achievements, and a corporate video with employees.
4. We used tools of online interaction with the audience: Menti.com service, inclusion of the host in the communication with the speakers and the audience, splitting the participants into groups.
5. We split the employees into rooms so that they could get to know their colleagues from other regions better.
6. We conducted a technical dry run a few days before the event to identify and correct any bugs.
7. We created an enjoyable experience for the participants by providing technical support, working with the speakers throughout the event, coordinating the participants and providing musical accompaniment.
The solution

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have successfully implemented various formats of online projects