New Year's Eve event for the employees


Online corporate event for
The task
To hold an online New Year's Eve party for the agency's employees.
The number of guests was 100.
Main challenges:
1. New members of the team were added to the team in 2020 and hardly knew anyone.
2. The agency had no previous experience of holding online events.

Objectives of the event:
1. To sum up the results of a year in the life of the agency.
2. To award the best employees of the year.
3. Create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to help new employees feel at ease
It was decided to choose the evening talk show as the format for the event.

We organised a filming space in Adventum's office, where the front man of the event - KVN League finalist Kirill Lopatkin (known as the man with the sexiest voice) - was stationed.

To allow the employees to get to know each other better, we decided not to limit the host's communication with the participants: the director of the broadcast regularly brought the active participants to the host on the screen. Most of the participants in the event ended up in the spotlight.

The content part had to look out of the ordinary. To do that, we involved unfamiliar interaction formats in the design of the content. For example, to award the best employees of the year, we made a fragment of a famous movie for each of the participants, where we substituted the face of the awarded employee for the face of the main character.

We used popular competition formats as interactions: "Quiz, please!" and "Where's the logic? The quiz questions were related to employees and the company's activities in digital marketing.
The solution

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have successfully implemented various formats of online projects