The Manifest Celebrates Svyazi as Vancouver's Most Reviewed
B2B Leader for 2023

When it comes to communication, we at Svyazi, are one of the best. Since our inception, we’ve strived to help businesses plan, develop, and execute different projects ranging from branding to video production. We are the all-around partners they need to effectively connect with their target audience and make a mark in their industry.
It’s because of our clients' appreciation and trust that we’ve recently unlocked a fantastic recognition from an esteemed industry resource. During the annual The Manifest Company Awards, Svyazi is celebrated among the most reviewed and recommended B2B leaders. According to their B2B research list, our team is among Vancouver’s trusted partners for branding, video production, and design services this 2023!
For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Manifest, it’s an independent business resource from Washington DC. The site holds a yearly awards cycle to spotlight the top companies that built and nurtured exceptional relationships with their clients. The awardees are determined based on the volume of honest testimonials they’ve received over the preceding twelve months.
This award genuinely means a lot to us. Being hailed as a most recommended partner shows the level of dedication and quality we have. We are sincerely honored and humbled to receive such as high distinction.
Thank you so much to everyone who trusts and supports Svyazi! We look forward to conquering more exciting milestones with you all in the future.
Work with a proven five-star partner! The Svyazi team is here for you. Connect with us so we can discuss what projects you have in mind.