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Preparing a presentation for a speech
Firstly, we have made a storyboard based on the materials that Anton provide us with. We also distribute the information provided into several slides to make the message of the presentation more clear.

With Anton, we determined that the presentation needs to be in strict style inherent in Spencer Stuart. Therefore, we chose a combination of contrasting corporate colors and took some geometric objects as the basis.

We selected visualization with the meaning, designed numbers and graphs. After that we animated the slides to «liven» the data, and so that the information appeared sequentially in Anton's presentation.

Result: the presentation for a speech was made in 5 days, and Anton had time for working out the speech with the finished presentation.
Anton Storozhenko practice on the Board of Directors assessment. Recently he conducted a study of of assessment practice in Russian public companies. Anton contacted us with the task to create a presentation for his speech at a meeting of the club of corporate secretaries (National Association of Corporate Secretaries) based on the results of his study.
The most creative and professional guys in creation presentations!
Anton Storozhenko, managing partner of Spencer Stuart

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