Preparing a presentation for a speech


Target audience: line staff, store directors and conference visitors. Therefore, we realized the need to distribute the content into these groups of people.

Together with Irina, we looked at the references and defined the presentation style. We prepared a concept for several slides and put a finger on the right spot! The client confirmed it at once. Then we prepared the presentation and for 4 meetings we had developed the presentation and finally reconcile it with the client. We complete 2 presentations for 2 meetings.

Finally we have made the presentation for a speech in 8 days. We also have made presentation for stores in 5 days. It turned out three presentations: for speaking at the event, for directors and for line staff.

Irina Somova contacted us to prepare for a speech in order to share the new system of conscious service "The first face of the company is you". And after the speech adapt the presentation to company personnel.

It is important to explain the need for an open discussion format for each store's problems and get involved in the "Mentors Council".

Colleagues, I want to share what was especially important for me in the collaboration.

First of all, it seemed impossible because of pressing deadlines, but you dealt with it! Ihardly believed that you could manage to make high-quality visualization of our large project in such a short time!

But you worked very quickly and professionally, after the first meeting it was clear that we would do everything as planned, Alina immediately grasped the essence of the project, worked out images, metaphors and proposed a concept that exceeded all my expectations! There was nothing to correct, everything exceeded all my expectations!

Colleagues, thank you for your skills, professionalism, responsiveness, efficiency and great service! We made a cool inspiring visualization of the project and I'm totally glad that we entered this important story with you!

Irina Somova, Human Resources Manager "Okay"

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Ilya Zmienko


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