Image movie on clothing brand and company's employees


We conducted several meetings and online conferences to understand all the details of the movie format. Then our team developed options for video concepts and offered references to the client. After approval of the idea we organized 10 online interviews with employees. According to the information provided by interviewees we wrote a script for 5-minute video. We organized a crew of 4 people to save time and shoot in different locations. We shoot models, interviews with employees, office space and production in one day. During the installation process we added infographics and a splash screen of the brand, then we carried out color correction. The project was completed in 1.5 months.

Founder of "The Cave" contacted us with the task to develop an image movie that will broadcast the brand's mission and the atmosphere created in the team. The video will be posted on Instagram and YouTube.

Made for Cave,
we'll do for you

Ilya Zmienko


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