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We explore the market and detected the advantages that we need to reflect in the video. We developed several creative concepts and selected references in one day. With the client we defined the optimal format of the work — the 80 second video should contain announcer's voice and subtitles.

Our scriptwriter wrote and agreed on the text for the announcer according to the client's request in a few days. The main client's requirement — the video should be informative and comply with professional terminology. One of the main tasks was to express the problems of cargo owners and forwarders and to propose the best solution for them — Anyport service.

Then the scriptwriter developed a draft of the script: he made a storyboard according to the announcer's text. We had discussed the possibility of implementing the scenario with illustrator, then made some corrections. And finally we presented the scenario to the client.

We choose the announcer with the client and sent the script to the illustrator. The illustrator worked out the graphic concept and presented sketches with characters, stylistics and color palette of the video in 2 days. All color solutions corresponded to Anyport corporate colors.

B2B-Center International Development Director Viktor Sokovnin contacted us to create an explainer animation video about the Anyport service. The video will be used on the product website and shown in clients'meetings.

Заказать 2д ролик о компании москва
Заказать ролик о компании
Создание анимации 2д

After agreeing on illustrations with the client, our animator began to work out the video clip graphics, locations and application interface that was required to be shown. The sketches developed by the animator were included by the screenwriter in the final script. We used the project board on the Miro website in order to discuss and visualize the stages of work.

Заказать 2д ролик о проекте москва
москва анимационная студия
разработка под ключ 2d видео


We have developed an animated explainer video with the announcer's voice and subtitles according to the client's requirements.

Then we received feedback from the client and made some corrections in the sketches. The animator started to create the final version of the video with the animation and the announcer's voice. The sound designer worked on the video accompaniment and supplemented it with sound effects.

The final version of the explainer animation video was created in 10 days. During the online conference with the Anyport team, we have identified further steps of work. As a result, it was required to make minor edits to the script and fix several fragments of animation.

It took 3 days to work through the comments and create the final script.

The task was to make an animated explainer video for a B2B product in a short time — up to 3 weeks.

The guys understood the task well. They worked fast even on weekends. At every stage of work the guys offered the solutions that met our expectations — so we moved quickly.

As a result, we met the deadline and made a cool video, which can explain the essence of our complex product and its benefits for our customers in 1 minute.

We are happy with the working process. And will work with Svyazi again!

Victor Sokovnin, International Development Director of B2B-Center

Made for Anyport,
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