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Business event for students

Our agency set a task of organizing a business conference. The goal of this event was to raise business awareness among students, so that the visitors of the event could get maximum benefit and could use received knowledge in future. We defined certain criteria for choosing the participants: only students with economical and business specializations could participate after a casting.
How we achieved the main educational goal:
  1. We invited 5 Russian businessmen to talk on the topic "My advice to myself when I was twenty":
Artem Agabekov, Fabrika Okon founder
Artem Ovechkin, Agny founder
Oscar Hartmann, KupiVip and CarPrice founder
Oleg Guskov, Mixville founder
Pavel Kuryanov, Blackstar label founder

2. We organized educational interactive activities: communication with the presenter, questions to the speakers, speed interview, networking.

How we improved the quality of the event:
  1. Developed presentations for the speakers and worked on the structure of their speeches.
  2. Developed a visual style of the event: logo, poster, location decorations, and video teasers.
  3. Made agreements with Digital October location.
  4. Used networking technology: MeYou app and Telegram chatbots

How we found the right audience:
  1. Organized an advertising campaign in social media: Vkontakte, Instagram, Facebook.
  2. Made agreements about support from universities informational channels.
  3. Developed and promoted our promo video clips.
  4. Held a casting for the participants.

100 people
The result
Number of participants
7 people
Team of organisers
2,5 hours
Translation duration
We organized a large-scale students conference in Moscow in 3 months.
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