Created a 3D video clip about automobile glass


Elena Toropova, NordGlass Marketing director, applied to us with a request to create a 3D video clip about NordGlass car glazing. The aim of the video clip was to show potential clients the advantages of NordGlass glazing: European quality at optimum price. The video clip will be used for an advertising campaign in social media.


We called the client, completed the brief, discussed main preferences and recommendations in what concerns the video clip. Then we studied the market, defined the main advantages of the brand and came up with a few creative concepts for the video clip.

The client approved the concept and we started writing the text for the voice over. After approval we made a director's version of the script and added the description of action for every shot.

Then our motion-designer developed a visual storyboard according to the script. The client approved the script and the storyboard. We started creating an animatic - a simple video clip with minimum details. We need this for the client to approve the movement of the camera during the whole video clip.

After the approval of the animatic, our motion-designer started developing still shots - separate shots of a video clip. The client was able to see on the still shots how a shot from the final version of the video clip would look like and approve it or suggest amendments. We chose the colours that correspond to the general style of NordGlass company.

Then we combined the animatic with the still shots: added all the details, 3D elements, colours and textures. We presented the video clip to the client. After the approval we added 2D elements: text and pictures.

The voice actor recorded voice over, and our sound director made sound design and background music.

The result

In 7,5 weeks of hard work on the project we created a one-minute 3D video clip, taking into account all the client's recommendations and comments.

Thanks to the agency team and to Ilya Zmienko personally for the great job! "Svyazi" made 3 landing pages and a 3D video clip for us. The quality is of the highest level, the work of the team is very well coordinated. Besides that, the team perfectly understood our peculiarities as a client and was open to any of our requests.

Ekaterina Romanova
AGC Clients development manager

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