6 easy steps to create a business presentation

There are no more or less important details in working on slides. To create a great project, you need to complete each stage with high quality. Here we are going to tell you 6 easy steps to create a business presentation.

Time for reading: 2 minutes.

Оформление презентации
Сценарий презентации
Ментальная карта

step 1: meeting, consulting, brief

The first stage is the only one where there is no place for creativity. Our common task here is to discuss all the details. We define the purpose of the presentation and select the target audience. Then we find out why the client need the presentation. For public speaking, sending by e-mail or as a handout etc.

The first stage is very important because the right questions will help us to create a great presentation.

Clients need to understand the essence of creating business presentations and the stages of the process. We won't tell you that this is an elementary task because it is the time-consuming work of a manager, screenwriter and designer. But it is in our power to share with you the key principles which will simplify our communication.

step 2: creative concept & script writing

At the second stage, the screenwriter identifies the goal, problems, and accents. Then he forms the structure of the slides using the services Xmind, Miro, Coogle etc.After that, he tries to package the ideas into a history.

The scriptwriter meets with the client after 1-2 days of studying the brief. The screenwriter will present the draft to the client in 20-30 minutes. This is time for discussion and knowledge exchange.

step 3: working out the final script

After agreeing on the draft, the screenwriter starts working in PowerPoint or Keynote. He creates a draft of the presentation: distributes information, types up the text of the slides, focuses on priority data.

After this work, we approve the script. If you don't like something or if you suddenly have some ideas for changing the slides, we discuss them and make the final edits.

So, the text of the presentation is ready.

step 4: visual concept

The project designer with the scriptwriter discusses the task. The designer makes the presentation in the same style using corporate colors. Also he uses a visual metaphor that allows the audience to follow the story with pleasure.

step 5: storyboard and slide design

After working on the concept, the designer creates a storyboard for multiple slides.These are 3-4 slides that are needed to show a sample of the final presentation. If the client has edits, then we take them into account. If not, we work on.

step 6: animation

The text was written, the creative concept was worked out, the slides were made. The cherry on top of the cake is the animation that will liven up the presentation and add dynamics to the storytelling.

We are ready to discuss with you the results of the work and listen your comments and remarks. Do you want something to add to your presentation? No problem! Have you noticed any errors? We will fix everything! But I assure you, you will not leave dissatisfied. Our task is to make a quality product, not to spend your money.

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