6 easy steps to create
a business video

You could be an entrepreneur or a manager. Imagine that you are going to contact an agency to create a business video. You signed the contract and the work started. But do you know what is on the other side of video production process? Is it a creative mess or a fine-tuned mechanism? Here we are going to tell you about the underside of the video creation process!

Time for reading: 2 minutes.

Съёмочная площадка

step 1: briefing

At this stage our main task is to find out the client's long-run objective. Why does he need a video? What problems should the video solve? And since the client may not be aware of it, we ask leading questions and help him to set a goal: to increase sales or profit, to investment, to sell a product etc.

step 2: creative concept

We found out the client's long-run objective, then we should pack it into an idea or even several ideas that the viewer will see. Therefore, at this stage, our team firstly engages in brainstorming and generates creative ideas. Then we choose 2-3 best concepts. Then we select references, choose the video format and set a time limit.

step 3: script writing

Further our screenwriter packs the material into a draft and accord it with the client. After that, we make and coordinate the director's script with the storyboard. This is necessary for the group and the client to navigate the script and understand what the result should bewe should do at each stage.

step 4: pre-production

At the pre-production stage we are casting actors, select and check the locations, make test shots for agreement with the client, check equipment, set up light and sound and set tasks for the film crew.

From experience we can say that if you prepare well for shooting, then the shooting itself will go well!

step 5: shooting

Since we have already reached this stage, the result of the shooting depends on how well we were prepared. There would be nothing complicated and everything will go like clock-work, since we have already done a significant part of the work in the previous stages.

An important point: be sure to keep in touch with the client during the shooting. So the client can understand what is happening. And you would be able to shoot a video that would meet the client's expectations.

On average a small video can be shot in one shooting day. Depending on the team's line-up we would have time to shoot not only heroes and locations, but also to make additional shots and backstage.

step 6: work with the material

We collect materials and upload them to our hard drive. At this stage the editor makes a draft: he selects the successful doubles and scenes. We approve the draft and move on to working on the sound: add background music, sound effects, announcer's voice, etc. After coordinating the video with the client our colorist starts working with colors and brings the picture to perfection.


Our advice: do not try to do everything at once, just take small steps towards the goal and you can avoid mistakes at every stage of work. We use an agile approach during the video production. Therefore, we are able to work quickly and efficiently at each step.

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